1. General requirements

1. Exchange office refers to the Internet service, the scope of activities thereof includes the exchange of E-DinarCoin cryptocurrency and other titular bank notes or cash.

2. In order to obtain the status of “Certified currency exchange” it is required to agree with these terms and conditions, to provide proof of identity and / or legitimacy of business and get registered on the appropriate link. During the consideration, the priority is given to applications having ratings on monitorings, and those included in the lists of other payment systems.

3. The site of the exchange office should include detailed and univocal information concerning the terms, conditions, and rates of exchange. The site should contain the exact order of the payer’s action during the exchange transactions.

4. Total comprehensive reserve of e-currencies represented at the exchange office shall be at least $ 5,000.

5. Exchange office has the right to appoint any commission for the exchange of E-Dinar Coin cryptocurrency. The maximum amount of the commission for E-Dinar Coin exchange should not exceed 7% of the current market value. Any actions aimed at the reduction in liquidity of E-DinarCoin cryptocurrency are prohibited.

6. Exchange office is committed to providing all customer data and transaction data on the company’s security service request. Data retention period shall be at least 3 years.

7. In the case of systematic violation of rules of operation, the partnering exchange office will be excluded from the list of certified exchange offices.

2. Benefits for partnering certified exchange offices

1. Placing the list of certified exchange offices on the E-Dinar Coin web site and the websites of the partners and clients of the company that will provide an additional influx of customers.

2. Short-term lending for exchangers, depending on traffic and the period of work on concessional terms.

3. The company is willing to continuously support and encourage the exchangers and is interested in long-term cooperation with reliable partnering exchange offices.

3. Cooperation with the company

Exchange office is entitled to:

– Receive a short-term loan of $ 500 EDC

– Buy and sell EDC on any resource

– buy EDC via https://newcryptowallet.biz/ the current rate with 5% discount

– within 1 month from the date of the purchase to sell EDC via https://newcryptowallet.biz/ site at the rate of the purchase with an additional charge of 5%

* Current market value is determined by the rate to $ 1 at crypto-exchanges http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/e-dinar-coin/#markets/

initially fixed on the course website https://newcryptowallet.biz/